Rosemary Essential Oils

Rosemary is one of the famous and most used spices and aromatic herbs in the world. There are three main chemotypes of rosemary essential oils used including cineole, verbenone and camphor. The Latin name Rosmarinus officinalis comes from Latin name ros maris, which means “dew of the sea”. It is refers to the habitual of … Continue reading Rosemary Essential Oils


Simple DIY Mask for Oily Skin

I still remember in old days, people like to put the cooling rice powder (bedak sejuk in Malay) on their face and leave it on. It is said to have cooling, whitening, smoothening, prevent pimples and oil absorbing effects on our skin. It is one of the favorite traditional cosmetic products used by Baba Nyonya, … Continue reading Simple DIY Mask for Oily Skin

Hinoki Essential Oil

Also known as "fire tree", this is because by rubbing two hinoki twigs together it can used to make fire. Hinoki is one of the 'Five sacred Trees of Kiso' in Japan, the others include sawara cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera), nezuko cypress (Thuja standishii), hiba cypress (Thujopsis dolabrata), and koyamaki (Japanese Umbrella Pine, Sciadopitys verticillata) species. Hinoki … Continue reading Hinoki Essential Oil

How to Relieve Tired and Dry Eyes Naturally?

Tired and dry eyes? Eyes feel strained? Always sitting in front of computer for long periods of time Bingo! Because I suffered from the above issues recently, it makes me stop updating this blog. I have been spending extended hours sitting in front of my computer doing research, studies, attending online class, writing my modules … Continue reading How to Relieve Tired and Dry Eyes Naturally?