Why Do We Get Sick?

Have you ever ask yourself this question: why do I get sick?

I believe all of us want a healthy and wealthy life, but sometimes it goes against our will, and we get sick.

But, do you really try to understand the reasons behind our sickness?

Maybe you are not sure what I mean… Therefore, I tried to categorize it into two kind of sickness: sickness of the heart and sickness of the body.

1) Sickness of the Heart

Sometimes we fall sick because we “wanted” to.

“No way, I definitely not!” … this might be your first response.

“Who want to get sick anyway!”

Try to recall, have you ever fall sick when you wanted to run away from a thing you hate most or a job that make you sick?

If yes, in a way, it is regarding to the payoff we get when we fall sick.

Many years ago, I read an interesting case mentioned that a woman cancer kept recurring although the treatment was successfully every time. At last, the doctor noticed that her health issue is related to her psychology issue where she wanted to get her husband attention and love from the disease.

In her heart, she felt that her husband will divorced her, if she recovered from cancer. 

This make her more painful than getting sick!

2) Sickness of the Body

In orthodox medicine, our body is sick because of the invading viruses and bacteria.

Whereas, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) such as aromatherapy, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine believes that believes that the world is full of germs and the only way to be healthy is to have a strong immunity system. Therefore, sickness happens when the equilibrium of the physical, mental and spiritual expression in a person’s life is out of order.

In other words, people tend to develop poor health arising from pursuing a poor, toxic and unhealthy way of life. We are usually lack of exercise, eat unhealthy, sleep poorly, and living in a high stress and toxin-laden environment.

Every illness can be cure.

According Bernard Jensen, “nature cures when given the opportunity”.

Before you choosing any holistic treatment, the following is the 5 principles we need to know about holistic treatment.

5 Principles You need to know about Holistic Treatment

(1) Listen and Observe your Own Body. Observe what makes you happy, sad, bored, excited, pain or inflamed… As mentioned above, illness is result from disruption and imbalance of your life. The symptom is which your body communicates information to you about the imbalances and disruptions you are making. 

When I am doing treatment for my clients, most them didn’t try to understand themselves and their body. They seldom listen what their body is going to tell them until chronic sickness appear then only they start to take care of their body. But sometimes it is too late.

(2) Holistic treatment cannot promise quick result, sometimes slow and sometimes quick. It takes into account of a person lifestyle and eating manner… I understand that we all living in the high pace society, we want instant result.

Sometime people are impatient with the treatment and they give up before the treatment result showed.Before you choose any holistic treatment, we need to understand that especially when deal with chronic complaints, it is usually slow in effect. “But the slow processes of holistic treatment often effect more radical and complete cures than other more rapid methods.”

(3) Everyone is unique and every case is different. No case being exactly same like another. Therefore, holistic treatment seldom state how long a cure will take. 

(4) Appreciate your body and every single cell in your body. Practice the art of gratitude and appreciated the power of plants or herbs that perform treatment for you. 

(5) And lastly, allow healing to be happened. If a subject’s being is unwilling to be healed, there is nothing God can do to heal that person.

p/s: Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.



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