Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) comes from lavare, meaning “to wash” in Latin. From ancient Greece, it is use to ease anger and purify the body and mind.

Lavender essential oil is a MUST HAVE essential oils in your cabinet. Lavender is used for many conditions, it is like an archetype of a mother who take care and nurture us. It is a practical essential oil every family should have at least a bottle of lavender essential oil.


Common Name Lavender
Botanical Latin Name Lavandula angustifolia/ Lavandula officinalis
Botanical Family Lamiaceae
Place of Origin Mediterranean area
Part of plant used Flowering tops
Extraction Method Distillation
Precaution/ Contra-indication None in therapeutic doses, but the oil must be diluted well for asthma suffers as it can create problems in some individuals.


  • Very effective for burn and scald
  • Can balance the central nervous system and emotional system
  • Ease anxiety, sleep disorders, insomnia
  • It is a natural germicidal, disinfectant
  • good for migraine headaches, colds, laryngitis
  • Muscle aches and sprains
  • Menstrual pain, premenstrual syndrome, viginal infection
  • Bee sting, insect bite
  • Help to alleviate stress related symptoms
  • It can drive away moths and insects and so on.

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