Bee Stings Treatment with Essential Oils

During a weekend, my parents and I traveled to Fraser Hills for two days one night herb camp. During the camp, my mum gets a stung by a bee. She felt a sharp pain at her index finger when she tried to chase away the bee.

The bee died after it stung.

My mum removed the sting immediately and her friend asked her to apply Mopiko ointment on the stung area.

After sometimes, her index finger became swelling and red.

The herb teacher told her to apply garlic on her index finger. She tried it but my mum dislike the smell of the garlic.

Essential Oils Treatment

Then I suggested her to put one to two drops of lavender essential oil neat on her swelling area for three times a day (this is the only essential oil I brought during the trip).

For one and a half day, her stung area recovered, and she is very happy with that. From that day onward, she became my ambassador for lavender oil.

You can also mix with vinegar when preparing the remedy. Vinegar is alkaline; it can help to neutralize the bee venom.

Recipe 1

Lavender Essential Oil    1 -2 drops (neat)

Recipe 2

Vinegar                                                 1 teaspoon

Lavender Essential Oil                         1 drop

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil       1 drop

Usage Direction:

Apply on the affected area three times a day.

But if you have serious allergy reaction, do seek doctor advice immediately.

Other Essential Oils for Travel

I will always bring my lavender essential oil as one of my first aid kits when I travel.

The other oils I will usually bring are Roman Chamomile blend and peppermint essential oil for my travel sickness and reduce my body inflammation.

What about you?

What is your prefer essential oil kits when travelling?



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