Simple and Easy Face Oil Formulation You can DIY Yourself

After I’d have been learning aromatherapy, I seldom buy cosmetic products from drug store and beauty shop. I usually DIY myself or if I am lazy, I just simply put some plant oils on my face.

Yes, I admitted that I am a lazy person! Therefore, I usually like simple ways to keep my face healthy and beauty. This method also saves me a lot!

To have a healthy and beautiful skin, it needs combination of your internal and external care. Internal care including your diet and external care will be your skin care products.

A lot of skin problem, it is usually due to your internal problems rather than external problems. Some of my friends have eczema problems and asking for my advice. I usually tell them to perform detoxification program as well.

You can DIY face oil for yourself; it is very simple and effective. I usually use it at night after bath. But in morning, I prefer using DIY moisturizer.

Lazy Girl Recipe for Face Oil Formulation

10 ml of carrier oil

2 drops of essential oils (1%)

1% of Vitamin E

Combine oils in a beaker, stir it using stainless steel spoon to combine all of the oils. Pour the aromatherapy oil blend in a dark glass bottle. Label it. Yes, you’re done!

It is so simple!

Essential Oils Recommendation for Your Face

This are the list I have been tested and used on my face before, I quite like the effect and would like to share with you all.

Common Name Botanical Name Effects
Carrot Seed Daucus carota It has very strong odour, sometimes you might not like it. But it is effective to improve the skin complexion and revitalizing your skin.
Everlasting Helichrysym italicum It has regenerative and anti-inflammation properties. David mentioned that this oil is excellent for wound healing and recommended for eczema, allergies, rashes and psoriasis.
Frankincense Boswellia sacra Excellent oil for mature skin, wounds, scars and wrinkles. My friend like it as it helps to lighten her laughing line.
Neroli Citrus aurantium This oil has rejuvenating effect and able to stimulate the growth of healthy new cells. After using the oil blend, I felt my face shinning and look watery. It is also good to reduce your black head.
Roman Chamomile Chamaemelum nobile It is suitable for dry, sensitive and red skin.
Rose Damask Rosa damascene One of my favorite and it is very expensive. Therefore, it is precious oil. Suitable for all types of skins, it is emollient, softening and hydrating. Excellent oil for women, especially for female sexual organ.
Rosewood Aniba rosaeodora Treat acne, dermatitis, sensitive skin, aged skin and damage skin.
Sandalwood Santalum album Primary used for dry skins condition as it is soothing, cooling, moisturizing.

Carrier oils

You can select and combine your own carrier oils such as wheatgerm oil, marula oil, rosehip seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, stafflower oil…

For me, because I am lazy (**laugh), I usually prepared it with jojoba oil only. But sometimes I just applied hazelnut oil straightly on my face (it is better for you to experience yourself, which carrier oils are suitable for you).

Of course, the best is to  mix with other carrier oils (with different therapeutic properties) as your prefer according to the therapeutic effects you wish to achieve.

I like to use jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) because…

  1. It is stable oil with very long shelf life. Not like rosehip seed oil, it has very short shelf life.
  2. The molecule of jojoba oil is akin to the skin’s own sebum. It is suitable for all skin types (dry, oily, sensitive, mature and aging skin). Therefore, you no need to worry which oil to choose, it design for all. (**haha)
  3. Suitable for soap making and for creams, lotions, hair care products and body oils. Perfect as a perfume base and for essential oil dilution. So many ways I can use jojoba oil, it save me from buying so many oils.

Simple isn’t it?!

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