Top 5 Books Recommendation For Serious Aromatherapy Beginner

“Something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” A good aromatherapy’s book is helpful to enhance our knowledge and skills in aromatherapy. It becomes magic when we applied it in our blending and creating our alchemy blend.

The following books that I recommended below provides you a wide selection of related subjects on aromatherapy which will enhance your learning and knowledge in aromatherapy studies. These are the books I like to use as my reference when I study on a dis-ease or creating a treatment plan for others.

No 1: The Aromatherapy Workbook by Nicole Perez

This is an easy-to-use and quick reference guidebook, especially for those who do not have any ideas on how to use and blend essential oils for ailments and improved well-being. I personally like the part where the author provides a quick reference tables on the list of ailments and choice of essentials oils to use for the ailments. The table provides simple definition of the ailments, the therapeutic guide, contraindications and cautions, and the methods to use the essential oils for treatment.

No 2: The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia

This book is my bible for my aromatherapy studies, especially when I was in my Diploma course. It is one of the most comprehensive guides of aromatherapy knowledge to refer to. When I want to try a new essential oils myself, this book is always my first reference. The depth study of each essential oils such as its history, chemistry component, therapeutic usage, some brief write up from subtle aromatherapy part provides me a good overview about the single oil. There is a lot of information in the book too and it covers pharmacological and clinical studies of aromatherapy as well as wisdom of the past. (Note: this book you can get from Perfect Potion website or Amazon, I brought it directly from perfect potion.)

No 3: The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt

A very interesting book! A lot of aromatherapy practitioners have good comments in this book. It explores science’s new biological understanding of essential oils and their advantages over synthetic drugs, new biological understanding of essential oils for improved immunity and treatment of degenerative diseases. It opens my view and it is easy to understand especial for those who is not a science based student.

No 4: The Fragrant Mind by Valerie Worwood

This aromatherapy handbook runs you through each essential oil and the psychology effect on your mind and body. Therefore this is something different from the books I recommended above. This book provides an A-Z of emotional problems with suggestion oils to use and it also have a good reference on emotional study profile for each essential oil.

No 5: Clinical Aromatherapy Essential Oils in Practice by Jane Buckle

I agreed with the book review “…this clinical text is the must-have resource for learning how to effectively incorporate aromatherapy into clinical practice.” This book is a bit depth for beginner, but if you are serious in aromatherapy, this book is very good book which it provides the best evidence-based content, example, case study, in-depth clinical study and real-world application of how aromatherapy works in various ailments. Well written!

I like to use book depository website to purchase books in Malaysia. This is because some of the books are not easily available in Malaysia’s bookstore. This website also provides free delivery service, but you will need to be patient for the book to arrive at your doorstep, according to my experiences, it might takes roughly one months. I still like to ordered most of the books there, this is because in comparison, the price is more cheaper if I purchase it from local bookstore.

If you like my writing and would like to purchase the books above, you can support me with the link above. This can helps me on maintaining this website and help me to keep on writing. Thanks, Aloha!

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