Part I: How to Overcome Depression?

Life is tough, but so are you!

But sometimes life is just like a roller-coaster ride, full with ups and downs, love and loss, expectation and disappointment.

If we are not aware, we might drown in this sea of life, drown in our own dark emotion.

Depression can be dangerous, depression can bring us drown. Drown in emotion so deep so dark where we are unable to see the Sun, no hope, no future… Sad isn’t it?

I understand… I can feel deep down in my heart about this hopeless circumstance. But don’t let anyone hurt you, not even yourself. Ernest Hemingway once said “a man can be destroyed but not defeated”, although he shot himself at last.

When you feel like you’re drowning in life, have faith and go with the ebb and flow of life. You will see the sunlight soon, cause according to the universal law, the day will come after night. Hold on!

Am I Fall in the Category of Depression Disorder?

Pietrangelo provides us an easy-to understand articles on “9 types of depression and how to recognize them”. You can browse through which category you fall under if you suspect yourself have depression disorder.

I hereby provides you the symptoms of clinical depression:

  1. Depressed mood;
  2. Lost interest or pleasure in activities, social withdraw;
  3. Insomnia or hypersomnia;
  4. Anxiety, easily get frustrated or irritable, or angry mood;
  5. Weight loss or weight gain, decreased eating or increased eating;
  6. Psychomotor agitation or psychomotor retardation, fatigue, loss of energy;
  7. Feelings of worthlessness, excessive guilt;
  8. Frequently cry;
  9. Diminished ability to think, diminished ability to concentrate;
  10. Indecisiveness;
  11. Suicidality (thoughts of death, suicide attempt)

How to Overcome Depression?

This suggestions is for mild depression, or it can be used in conjunction with medication’s treatment, but you must always get advice from your health care consultant first.

Contentment brings Happiness

My husband once told me “no expectation, no disappointment.”
It is true sometimes, we expect a lot in our life, we expect to have a good marriage, a good career, promotion, earn a lot of money, have children, easy and smooth life…But when life doesn’t turn out the way we’d expected, we feel disappointed, sad or hurt.

Change our mindset, life is always like electrocardiogram, up and down, it represents we are still alive. If it is straight line, then we will no longer here. Therefore, just accept it and appreciated what’s life brings us.


Shake… shake your body. When a person is depressed, his or her energy body is usually low and their chakra is inactive. Therefore, exercise is a very good ways to get more energy and activate our energy body. Usually those are depressed are hardly to move, therefore if your loved one is depressed, do encourage them to join any exercise activities, such as marathon, climbing, yoga class, gym… or you can always ask them to exercise with you.


Regularly arrange sunbathing for around 10 to 15 mins. It is best to do it before 10am, you can also do some breathing exercises while expose under the Sun.


Meditation is a very good tools. But sometimes people are depressed will tend to think quite negatively. I personally found that twin heart meditation is a very good technique for depressed people, it helps to activate our heart and crown chakra. This technique encouraging more love energy in our energy body and life. Of course, if you have other meditation techniques, you can use it as well.

Understand the Universal Law

“The sky has its randomness in terms of weather, and a person’s life has its fluctuation in term of fortune.”

Astrology helps me to understand life and universal law, I understand that the suffers part is also where an opportunity lies, if we manage to go through it, it will become gifts in our life. Sometimes we might not manage to see the whole picture of our life, and we are being stuck at this moment. But life is a cycle, nothing lasts and this too shall pass. Therefore don’t put yourself in your own drama, just be an observer of your own life.

Part II, I will share more on the remedies for Essential Oil that will helps to overcome depression. Stay tune!

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