Planning to become an Aromatherapist?

If you are serious about becoming an aromatherapist, you might be thinking about which categories you wish to delve in. The following provides you some outlook of the aromatherapy approaches. Hope this can give you a hint when you want to plan your career in aromatherapy field. Medicine Aromatherapy Aromatology and aromatic medicine are the … Continue reading Planning to become an Aromatherapist?

Essential Oils for Vaginal Infections

It is interesting to know that… “Nearly all adult women have had at least one vaginal infection in their lifetime”… But many don’t have a clue. Statistic showed that vaginitis has been considered one of the most common gynecologic problems encountered by women worldwide. And it is also number one reasons patients most often visit … Continue reading Essential Oils for Vaginal Infections

How to Relieve Tired and Dry Eyes Naturally?

Tired and dry eyes? Eyes feel strained? Always sitting in front of computer for long periods of time Bingo! Because I suffered from the above issues recently, it makes me stop updating this blog. I have been spending extended hours sitting in front of my computer doing research, studies, attending online class, writing my modules … Continue reading How to Relieve Tired and Dry Eyes Naturally?

How to Treat Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis?

What is Arthritis? Arthritis is an inflammation of joint. According to Zimmerman (2016), “arthritis is an over surplus of acids and waste material in the body. A faulty diet fills the system with uric acid and poisons which the liver, kidneys, and bladder are not able to throw off.” Based on psychology factors, Louise Hay … Continue reading How to Treat Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Is Lemon Essential Oil for Skin Whitening?

There is a Chinese proverb saying "one whiteness can substitute for three physical unattractiveness." This is why people are crazy on whitening products and willing to spend more on it. In the market, most of the common skin lightening products available is with ingredients of hydroquinone, (HQ), kojic acid, arbutin, catechins, and azelaic acid. The … Continue reading Is Lemon Essential Oil for Skin Whitening?