6 Favorite Ways to Use Hydrosol

What is Hydrosol? Hydrosols or hydrolates are the condensate water produced during distillation of plant material for aroma therapeutic purposes. Hydrosol contain all of the plant in every drop, it is gentlest and safest aromatics use in caring for your skin. What is Not Hydrosol? Water with fragrance oil or essential oils added is not … Continue reading 6 Favorite Ways to Use Hydrosol


Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is one of my favorite and it is also a must have essential oils for female. Geranium oil has sweet and gentle aroma of roses, it can awaken our inner female sensibility, intuition and creativity. Profile Common Name Geranium Botanical Latin Name Pelargonium graveolens Botanical Family Geraniaceae Place of Origin South Africa … Continue reading Geranium Essential Oil

Essential Oils Should be Avoided by Persons with G6PD Deficiency?

It is now very common to hear people say about G6PD deficiency, such as “My child has G6PD deficiency… what foods to avoid?” Yes, G6PD deficiency is prevalence in worldwide, affecting 10% of the world population with approximately 400 million people. In Malaysia, around 1 in 10 children are G6PD deficiency. What is G6PD deficiency? … Continue reading Essential Oils Should be Avoided by Persons with G6PD Deficiency?

Post-traumatic Stress After an Accident, How to Take Care?

I remembered that in the same year, I had involved in two small car accidents. Thankfully, everything is fine except my car. Although without any major injuries and no indication for hitting my head. I find that my body has some effects result from the car accident, emotionally and physically affected. My neck muscle pulling … Continue reading Post-traumatic Stress After an Accident, How to Take Care?

Burns Care with Aromatherapy

Lavender essential oil reputation for the treatment of burns is derived from the well-known story of Gattefosse treated his badly burned hand with lavender essential oil during a laboratory explosion. The lavender essential oil has effectively healed his burn amazingly with little scarring. The following case is the studied of a client who burned her feet … Continue reading Burns Care with Aromatherapy